Discounted rate or use our quality cleaning products for a standard fee. Our staff is friendly, professional and efficient and will work to ensure you will return to a clean home.

Our purpose is to create a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment in which the children can thrive & develop. We provide complete care for children in the employers’ home or in any setting. The nannies responsibilities include full supervision of children while they are in the home Nanny housework duties can include:

1. Light housework, running errands

2. Preparing bottles & feeding, changing diapers, bathing babies

3. Supervising baths for older children & maintaining hygiene

4. Up keep in children's bedrooms & play areas

5. Helping with homework, reading to & with children, teaching implementing daily routines

6. Planning, Preparing meals & snacks for children

7. Supervising meals

8. Cooking, cleaning & washing up after meals

9. Washing & ironing children's clothes

10. Dressing children

11. Assisting in educational, creative activities with children

12. Scheduling, shopping, transporting

13.Supervising bed & nap times