For a construction work to commence and finish successfully, a construction worker/labourer is as essential. 

Our worker/labourer performs physical operations at a construction site. Construction work can involves bridge, highways, buildings, villas, factories, roads, in addition to construction maintains such as inhabited buildings, we understand our clients’ requirements and delivers timely solutions for their manpower needs. We provide affordable and professional construction industry specialists and bulk manpower in form of construction workers.  To deliver timely services we maintain a high quality database of skilled industry specific manpower. In case of special needs our expert consultants launch targeted skill hunt to find the right candidate for your need of mixing of cement, loading and unloading of trucks with construction material, carrying building material from one site to another is done by construction worker/labourer. Aman is serving employers from different countries with the recruitment of Construction Workers/Labourers.

Our Construction Categories are as the following:

  • Normal Labours: General Helpers, Cleaners, Office Boy, Watchman. 
  • Semi-skilled: assistances for the skilled
  • Skilled: Masons, Pipe fitters,  Shuttering, Carpenters, Steel Fixer, Scaffolders, Painters, Gypsum Carpenters, Plumbers, Welders.
  • High Skilled: such as Mechanical, Electrical, Technicians, Fabricators, AC Tech, as they are mostly Gulf returned with a very long experience reach to 10 years in specific fields.
  • Foreman/Supervisors: is a worker who is charge of a construction crew, he may train employees under his supervision, ensure appropriate use of equipment by employees, communicate progress on the project to a supervisor and maintain the employee schedule.
  • Profession Labours: we can offer the following profession:, Civil, Structural, Computers, Geodetic engineers, Doctors, as we can serving also from other specializations which did not mention in our list above and that only comes under our customer needs.

Our Construction Workers are distinguished with the following: 

  • Competency 
  • Clean the location and make sure to keep it organized.  
  • Levels the ground and removes remains.
  • Performs the construction task keeping safety measures in mind.
  • Commitment to security instructions.
  • Commitment to work regulations.
  • Cooperating with others and have team work spirit.


Aman specializes in recruitment of honest, hardworking and sincere Construction Workers. Our candidates are proficient in their work and are serving construction industry for many years. They have worked in many countries and are aware of latest construction techniques. Our recruitment services are safe and secure and we take care of the needs of both candidates and employers.